I'm Danny,
design build paint make


  • "The artwork of Danny Torres is what the beautiful people of Milwaukee are calling 'not terrible' and 'a good try.' " – Margaret W.
  • "Kittens look at pictures of HIM all day while at work." – Chris W.
  • "Wore a zebra snuggie once; made it look goood." – Jennie D.W.
  • "Danny's artistic mind is as beautiful and convoluted as the system of curly tendrils atop his head." – Julia S.

  • "9 confirmed kills in the cage" – Andy J.

  • "It's not a bruise. It's a birthmark." – Caiti Q.

  • "It's a bruise." – Stephan D
  • "Danny Torres: Just about as good as salsa verde." – Becca L.

Graphic Design

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